Apply, Repeat, Again….

I often get asked, why do I need to apply my essential oils 3 times a day? Why don’t they just last all day? They are too much work….

Here’s the thing, essential oils can be looked at like vitamins. Here’s how – your body obsorbs the essential oils and the body uses the essential oils until they are gone. The body obsorbs vitamins and uses what it can. The essential oils are obsorbed through your skin, nose or mouth. The body usually takes a few hours to obsorbe the essential oils and to get the full benefit of the oils. Thus, you need to apply, re-apply and repeat. Unlike vitamins, when you re-apply and repeat with your essential oils, the body uses the essential oils to benefit the body and mind and doesn’t just get rid of the essential oils through waste.

Defusing essential oils can be done for a longer period of time, usually 2 to 4 hours. If you are in the same room as the defuser, your body will breathe in the essential oils, through your nose and skin, and get the benefits of the essential oils for the entire time that the oils are defused, plus approximately 2 additional hours. The defuser has the same effect. For example, when my kids wake up in the morning with a stuffy nose they don’t understand or have said that their oils aren’t working. I explain that the defuser turned off in the middle of the night and that the oils are no longer working. I ask them if they were up coughing through out the night or if they had a stuffy nose during the night. They answer no, so that’s how we know that the oils work. Plus, when they put their “immunity” oils on in the morning their stuffy nose is cleared up within a few minutes.

Although it maybe hard to remember, but with essential oils it is very beneficial to apply, re-apply and repeat. Just make sure that you aren’t adding essential oils more times a day then you should be, the body can only obsorbe so much and it can be wasteful or cause issues within the body. Always, read the directions and follow the recommendations for application – neat, deluted, oral or all of the above.

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